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Top 10 Freaky Food People Eat

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 Top Ten Freaky Food People Eat

People have been known to eat a variety of freaky foods from spider to duck embryos.and that’s just the start, 

1. Balut


let me just start by saying this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. that Said Balut delicacy in Southeast Asia Mostly eaten by the People of the  Philippines, Thailand, China and a few other Countries, the Balut is basically Duck babies are the duck embryo.


2.casu marzu Cheese 

casu marzu

casu marzu cheese is Basically rotten Cheese Crawling With Live Maggots, The Cheese is left outside so that cheese fly can lay their eggs inside and is said to be unsafe to eat if the maggots have died. so they eat it with live maggot worms.

Casu Marzu is considered a Sardinian Delicacy.

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